You have to know who is Grace ! She lives in Ottawa and she is a real working girl.

Brand and PR Strategist, I do not know how she can do everything she does in a day. When you work with her (she is working for Press – The Fashion Magazine / Do you remember their interview on the blog ?), you understand very quickly how professional she is.

So I asked her to talk about herself, her work and Ottawa. She said yes 🙂

1. Can you introduce yourself ?

Aside from being a seeker of God’s interest… I’m a visionary, an entrepreneur, a motivator, a brand strategist, a speaker and essentially the voice and face of the company I founded in 2009 called Within Essence Productions.

2. Can you explain the concept of your company ?

Within Essence Productions is a lifestyle brand management firm that specializes in brand strategy and development, social media marketing, publicity, events and fashion.

What am I offering?
– I’m helping thriving entrepreneurs (mainly appealing to emerging entrepreneurs, small businesses, lifestyle and fashion brands) define their brand identity and message by walking them through a thorough process in order for them to develop and market their brand effectively and purposefully. Many entrepreneurs seek to define what the real essence of their brand is, as well as seek for networking and strategic platforms within the market place and this is where my company comes in to provide the proper assistance.

What’s the common focus?
– Empowerment, Strategy, Brand building and development. The opportunitiesbtruly lie in the results we are able to provide and platforms we are able to create for clients.

3. Why do you choose to work In PR ?
In all honesty, I didn’t  really choose PR, somehow someway it chose me naturally…

When I first started my business in 2009, Within Essence Productions, was mainly known for the event production side of the company and after a lot of introspection I wanted to « adjust that » and decided to re-invent my business and start anew. Upon re-branding and restructuring my firm last year, I took the time to analyze and evaluate the value of my services (or lack of thereof) and expanded my horizons. Moving forward, I wanted W.E.P to have more of a strategic « brand focus », and adding pr consulting to the roaster seemed to be a great service option as it aligns with everything else I do and offer but not limited to that.

4. What do you like in PR ?
It’s not as one-dimensional as many people think it is. There’s many ways to apply it. I know for one, I’m quite unconventional so it allows me to stay challenged, engaged and creative.

5. Is it easy to launch its own company In Ottawa?
Ottawa has it’s sea of challenges but I think any person who’s at the pursuit of their goals will always encounter them so it’s just a matter of perception. Is it easy? No! Is it hard? No! I believe you just have to position yourself and the rest will follow, but you have to be willing.

6. What do you love In Ottawa?
I like the fact that it’s underrated and often times underestimated. Ottawa is a gold mine. It’s truly what you make of it! I enjoy the mystery 🙂

7. What are the best places to have a drink with friends ?
All depends on where you go! My personal favorites:
– Milestones
– Mezzanote
– The Arc Hotel Lounge.

8. What is your next Big challenge ?
The one I decided to pursue three years ago… Following my passion and calling! I’m constantly in a state of evolution and re-invention. This entrepreneurial journey has its share of ups and downs but I have reaped plenty because I never fail to learn something new every day! Therefore my next challenge is to sustain my brand, continue to make something out of nothing and thrive to make the best out of it every step of the way 🙂

It makes you want to become an entrepreneur, right?

Thanks again Grace, for your time, and your patience. ^_*

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